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Twinvay Products, Inc., is a global product development and distribution company specializing in the procurement of high quality personal protective equipment (PPE). Twinvay was founded in 2016 in Waldbronn, Germany through its parent company, Twinvay GmbH.

Our company covers the entire value chain from product selection, international logistics, processing and distribution. Our network relationships span from manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and governments throughout the world. These relationships enable Twinvay to procure high quality products with competitive prices for specific client needs.


We work closely with our global network of suppliers & manufacturers


Our global team of experienced procurement professionals


High volume product distribution available


Years of combined knowledge and experience

Who we are

We are an interdisciplinary team that has combined knowledge and experience with a network that expands globally ranging from product development, procurement to logistics and supply chain management.

Our goal is to exceed each objective for every client as we strive to remain the first choice in product procurement and supply management.

chief executive officer

Gold standard products and services

Established process through which we accompany our clients

Direct support for our clients

Long relationships with our sellers

Easy access to client reports and documents

Proven logistics processes

Work closely with manufacturers

Absolute transparency with our clients

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