Our Process​

Twinvay Products prides itself on having high standards for its entire procurement and distribution processes. Once we identify our client’s needs, we immediately match the client with an ideal source for the product(s) then monitor and facilitate the entire distribution and logistics process.

We are responsible for the import of all products into the United States and require each and every product to meet specific gold standards.

While Twinvay purchases fast moving products such as face masks and other products for its inventory, in most instances, it will purchase products with customer-issued purchase orders to ensure righteous product placement and appropriate importing.

Established market presence and ability to manage risk.

Access to high volume capacity and in-house inventory for immediate distribution.

Well-developed and trusted internal processes.

Access to highly skilled workforce and contractual representatives.

Emerging technical knowledge of international business and trading.

High quality, reliable sources for PPE and other in-demand products.

Extended product/service life cycle through trusted relationships.

Secured contracts with major wholesalers and suppliers throughout the US, Germany, India, Canada and Asia.

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